This heat exhanger, covered in frost, is used to recuperate energy in the Cryogenic Carbon Capture process

Our Technology

Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC)

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Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) has developed several innovative technologies in response to growing sustainability problems in the energy industry. Our flagship technology, Cryogenic Carbon Capture, has the potential to change the future of power generation and its impact on climate change.

Natural Gas Treating

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SES' carbon capture technologies can be applied to natural gas treating, eliminating the need for costly amine systems and yielding huge savings for pipeline, NGL, and LNG applications.

CO2 Storage

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An important question that is raised in discussions of carbon capture is what to do with the captured carbon. SES has patented some technologies related to permanent CO2 storage in naturally occuring geologic formations.

Heat Exchangers

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SES has also patented several innovative heat exchangers, including the Desublimating Heat Exchanger and the Dynamic Heat Exchanger. These units were invented to solve technical challenges encountered during the development of Cryogenic Carbon Capture.


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SES has successfully demonstrated the Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology on the small pilot scale at multiple locations. The technology has regularly captured between 96 and 98 percent of carbon dioxide from a variety of sources including coal, natural gas, and biomass.