Close up of the Energy Storing Cryogenic Carbon Capture small pilot unit


Sustainable Energy Solutions employs skilled engineers of varied disciplines, including Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Chemical. Each employee brings unique and valuable skills to the company, giving SES a broad portfolio of capabilities. These include CAD modeling, machining, welding, manufacturing, prototyping, construction, experimental design, hazard analysis, programming, chemical process design and simulation, heat transfer, combustion, web development, human-machine interface design, industrial control and automation, business, economics, technical communication, and management.

Multiple Fuel Reactor

SES is constructing a Multiple Fuel Reactor (MFR), funded by a grant from the Wyoming Clean Coal Task Force. When complete, the MFR will be capable of burning multiple types of coal, natural gas, and biomass. The temperature profile inside the reactor is fully customizable and can replicate the conditions inside full scale boilers and furnaces.

Multiple Fuel Reactor and support structure

Process Simulation and Modeling

Screenshot from Sustainable Energy Solutions' process simulation package

SES has developed a specialized process simulation package capable of modeling the formation of solid CO2, enabling SES engineers to model the desublimating heat exchanger. Few, if any, commercial simulators can model solids formation in this way. In addition, a number of transient phenomena—such as those experienced by the dynamic heat exchangers used in Energy Storing Cryogenic Carbon Capture—can be simulated. The software has been used by SES engineers in the modeling of hundreds of different processes.

CAD and Manufacturing

Cross section of one zone of the Multiple Fuel Reactor

Most of SES' design work occurs in-house using CAD software. When possible, the actual machining/welding is left to outside shops. However, when time is critical, many of the engineers are trained on the equipment in SES' own machine shop and can manufacture a part in a fraction of the time. This gives SES the capability of rapid prototyping and vetting of new ideas without the hastle of waiting for long lead-time items.

Online Tools

SES engineers have written a variety of online tools for engineering calculations.