Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) is committed to developing innovative solutions to sustainability problems within the energy industry. One such problem is the rising level of atmospheric CO2, due to increasing use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and may change the climate in unexpected ways. There is currently no world-wide plan to curb these emissions.

Fossil fuels currently provide over three-quarters of the world's energy, and the adoption of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels will take decades. Until then, CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced to avoid further climate change. SES is developing a technology called Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) to address these problems. CCC has the potential to reduce carbon emissions from fossil-fueled power plants by up to 99%, at half the cost of current state-of-the-art carbon capture processes.

SES has developed several innovative heat exchangers. Some of these heat exchangers allow for efficient heat transfer during process upsets and transient loads, while others provide for efficient heat transfer during solid phase change.

SES also holds a patent for a method of geologic sequestration in saline aquifers that permanently stores up to seven times more CO2 than current methods.

Tackling 21st Century Challenges